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Learn who developed Kg's Boot Guard as a solution to premature work boot wear and how it entered the retail marketplace. Learn more about Kg's Boot Guard.

Kg's Boot Guard

Protect the toe of your work boots from wear with Kg's Boot Guard. Use it around the welts to keep out water and harmful chemicals. Use it on the seams to protect the stitching from sparks and harmful chemicals. Place an your order online today!

KG-Xtreme Boot Laces

Keep your work boots on tight with KG-Xtreme heavy duty boot laces. These 100% Kevlar® and heavy duty nylon laces are braided together, wax coated, and then metal tipped to form the toughest lace around! Place an your order online today!


Locate the Kg's Boot Guard distributor near you. Kg's Boot Guard is distributed to hundreds of shoe store and boot repair shops across the United States and Canada. Find out where you can purchase Kg's Boot Guard.


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Hard at Work

Kg's Boot Guard has been hard at work since 2001 extending the life of work boots. We will continue to work hard to offer our customers the best possible product at a fair price. We will also continue to proudly make our product right here in the USA.

Our product would not be where it is today without the feedback from our customers. If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us.