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KG-XTREME | Cushioned Insoles

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  • SUPPORT INSOLES DESIGNED FOR WORK: Kg’s shoe insoles are made with maximum comfort in mind. Whether you’re working or on your feet all day, these memory foam insoles will offer good arch support, help eliminate foot pain, and enable you to feel more energy.
  • MEMORY FOAM & POLYURETHANE BLEND: Our shoe insoles are made with a flexible yet supportive blend of memory foam and polyurethane, offering you all-in-one comfort, anti fatigue support, and foot pain relief.
  • ENERGY RETURN & SHOCK ABSORPTION: These cushion insoles offer impact protection by acting as shock absorbers, giving you more energy for the day and keeping you comfortable with each and every step.
  • INTELLIFRESH ODOR PROTECTION: In addition to better foot support, Kg’s insoles are made with Intellifresh technology, which is a shoe odor eliminator to help ensure your feet smell good after a long day. These are shoe insoles you are sure to love!
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: All of Kg’s cushioned insoles and all additional products are proudly made with high-quality, long-lasting materials. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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