Hard at Work for Over 24 Years!

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Kg's Boot Guard was developed at a small shoe store and boot repair shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Many of our customers have a history of premature toe wear on their work boots due to their work environment. Over the years, we tried many products to extend the life of their work boots. After we felt we had tried everything and found nothing that worked to our customers' satisfaction, we set out to make our own.

A Solution to Premature Work Boot Wear

We engineered a substance that can be easily brushed on to a work boot but will not crack, peel, or flake off. Kg's Boot Guard is tough and permanent! We designed the boot guard to be versatile. It can be applied to new or used boots and bonds to leather, rubber, Cordura, vinyl, and even to exposed steel. Kg's Boot Guard offers superior protection from toe wear, water seepage along the welt, and seam erosion.

After thorough testing, we began offering Kg's Boot Guard as a service. We applied it to our customers' new and used work boots and found the results were astounding. Our customers were extremely satisfied with the life they were getting out of their boots after the boot guard was applied. Word began to spread, and the demand for Kg's Boot Guard began to grow.

Kg's Boot Guard Enters the Retail Marketplace

We started getting inquiries from out-of-town customers who were interested in getting the boot guard applied to their work boots but unable to travel to our store. We began to offer a small, single application of our product to our customers to take home and try themselves. Once again, the demand grew. Customers and factories from across the nation began requesting Kg's Boot Guard. We began producing and packaging Kg's Boot Guard for retail sale at other shoe stores and boot repair shops. In just five short years, we established a distributor database of over 1100 retail shoe stores and boot repair shops across the United States and Canada.

Hard at Work

Kg's Boot Guard has been hard at work since 2001 extending the life of work boots. We will continue to work hard to offer our customers the best possible product at a fair price. We will also continue to proudly make our product right here in the USA.

Our product would not be where it is today without the feedback from our customers. If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.